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Asteroid Mining Refinery

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Asteroid mining is a staple of space exploration and resource management! Whether used in conjunction with Asteroid Mining Corp Train pack or on its own, this beautifully detailed map will be perfect for your campaign. Introduce your players to a sprawling complex dedicated to extracting and refining precious metals and minerals from asteroids. Immerse your players in the intricacies of industrial processes as workers toil away on the valuable resources. The variants provided options to show how the refinery can grow and change over time. Use the variations to show weather and atmosphere or to showcase an alien landscape. This map pack offers a detailed environment perfect for use as a base or for visiting.

The Asteroid Mining Refinery map pack contains 26 variations.

Map size 52 × 74
Theme/Type Civilian/Mining
Variations Alarm Night, Azure, Desert, Double Sunset, Fog, Iridescent, Massacre, Moon Base, No Base Night, Natural Day, Natural Night, No Base Day, No Power Day, No Power Night, No Station Day, No Station Night, No Train Day, No Train Night, Opulent, Original Day, Original Night, Portal Active, Portal Shut Down, Rain, Winter Day, Winter Night
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