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Asteroid Mining Port

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Part of Czepeku's asteroid mining series, this map offering a bustling star port where your hard-earned (or possibly stolen) crystals can find a market. Dock your trains and engage in the interstellar trade of valuable resources. Will your party successfully negotiate deals, or perhaps uncover a plot to sabotage the market? Explore the dynamic spaceport and navigate through various scenarios, from tense negotiations under the starlit sky to daring heists in the moonlit shadows.

The Asteroid Mining Port map pack contains 20 files

Map size 57 x 83
Theme/Type Civilian/Mining
Variations Alarm Day, Alarm Night, Desert, Fog, Gaseous, Iridescent, Massacre, Moon Base, Natural Day, Natural Night, No Power Day, No Power Night, No Vehicles Day, No Vehicles Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Space, Winter Day, Winter Night
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