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No galactic adventure is complete without the option to travel in true luxerty. The Asteria is an ornate space yacht, perfect for luxurious getaways... or heists. With passengers and a minimal crew, these lux ships feature twin plutonium thrusters and are ideal for special parties among the stars. Variations like Camo, Harlequin, and Speed Demon offer diverse experiences for your pleasure cruising adventures. Enjoy the high life, entertain guests, and revel in opulence with the Asteria map pack.

The Asteria map pack contains 12 variations.

Map size 19 × 31
Theme/Type Civilian/Pleasure Yacht
Variations Breached, Breached Massacre, Camo, Dacnis, Hammerhead, Harlequin, Hazard, Massacre, Military, OldGlory, Original, Original Empty, Oriole, Speed Demon, Whoops
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