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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Arctic Expedition Map - 3fac9afc6e0585ca1edc1c9a16ba3d60

Arctic Expedition Map

Product Information



The perfect map for a snowy adventure. A ship has come to ground on the frozen landscape and the explorers have started to plan their explorations. Have your players been sent to join the expedition? Or sent to save lost explorers? Czepeku have provided a number of excellently useful variations including snowy landscapes, reflected aurora, and fog.

The Arctic Expedition map pack contains 22 files.

Map size 45 × 81
Setting Other Exterior
Variations Aurora Reflection, Blood Trail, Canyon, Channel, FishingHole, Fog, FrozenWreck, GrimDays, Lava, Massacre Natural, Massacre Ship, No Ship, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Sea, Ship Graveyard, Ship Jam, Snowfield, Snow Storm, Sunken Ship, Toxic Sea
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