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Antlion Canyon Map

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Deserts aren't just endless expanses of sand and dunes. The winds and ancient rivers can carve mazes of stone and deep canyons. Whether desert-dwellers live in this protected area or your players are looking for an oasis, this map's variations have you covered! Perhaps they're avoiding the giant antlions that roam the canyons. Or they've been paid to bring back fossils from the giant creatures that once lived here. Your players can venture deep into the desert and discover the secrets of these canyons.

The Antlion Canyon map pack contains 16 files.

Map size 14 × 32
Setting Desert Exterior
Variations Bandit Camp Day, Bandit Camp Night, Blank Day, Blank Night, Fossils Day, Fossils Night, Grassland Day, Grassland Night, Ice Day, Ice Night, Lava Variation, Noxious Pits Day, Oasis Day, Original Day, Original Night, Tarpit Day
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