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Annis Hag Lair Map

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Ascend to the foreboding heights of the Annis Hag Lair, perched atop craggy, desolate cliffs. The lair is situated within the toothy, skeletal maw of a giant creature. Tattered cloths, craggy trees, and a treacherous climb make this battlemap perfect for an encounter with a malevolent witch who creates curses and eldritch potions. Variations like "Frost" and "Toxic" weave tales of hag rituals, frozen malevolence, and the ominous presence of dark sorcery atop these treacherous heights.

The Annis Hag Lair map pack contains 12 files.

Map size 34 × 60
Setting Cliff Exterior
Variations Blood Ritual, Celestial Witch, Corruption, Frost, Lava, Natural, No Cauldron, No Trees, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Toxic
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