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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Anicetus - 6e52c27c6e8a78b8a1e427509a4ddb4c


Product Information



Presenting the Anicetus Support Ship; originally designed as the indispensable companion to the Heracles Luxury Cruise Liner. Equipped with state-of-the-art medibays, recovery tanks, and staff quarters, the Anicetus ensures the safety and well-being of the liner's esteemed guests throughout their voyage. Perfect for use as one of a larger support-ship fleet, as a peaceful vessel, or as the final addition for the Heracles themed mini-fleet. Customize your ship with a selection of exterior and interior variations.

The Anicetus map pack contains 24 files

Map size 24 x 38
Theme/Type Civilian/Support/Medical
Variations Alert Exterior, Alert Interior, Breached Massacre Interior, Breached Stage01 Exterior, Breached Stage01 Interior, Breached Stage02 Exterior, Breached Stage02 Interior, Bronze Exterior, Bronze Interior, Jade Exterior, Jade Interior, Massacre Interior, Night Exterior, Night Interior, No Power Exterior, No Power Interior, Onyx Exterior, Onyx Interior, Original Exterior, Original Interior, Silver Exterior, Silver Interior, Whoops Exterior, Whoops Interior
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