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Ancient Wizard's Lair Map

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A mystical map pack, perfect for the ancient wizard NPC or villain that your party meets. This map comes with variants for the outer planes, elemental magics, and schools of magic. Does the party need to destroy the giant crystals or find the right portal? Why are there tentacles coming from the portals and what can the party do to save themselves? Use the many variants for this beautifully rendered magical lair to face your players off against powerful wizards and their monsters.

The Ancient Wizard's Lair map pack contains 16 files.

Map size 35 × 35
Setting Sky Interior
Variations Elemental Rooms Day, Elemental Rooms Night, Elemental Day, Elemental Night, Griffin Library Day, Griffin Library Night, Octopus Space Night, Octopus Night, Original Day, Original Night, Plain Day, Plain Night, Plane Portals Day, Plane Portals Night, Wizard Council Day, Wizard Council Night
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