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Ancient Hydra Lair Map

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Descend into the depths of a Hydra's lair with this map pack. Traverse through a labyrinth of caves to find the imposing stone pillars and a five-headed dragon mosaic. Where do these ominous traces of blood come from?. Unearth secrets in variations like the 'Archaeological Dig' or confront the mighty Hydra itself. Journey through the frosty 'Dark Ice,' the scorching 'Desert Lair,' or the enigmatic 'Astral' realm. Whether your adventurers are deciphering ancient mysteries at an archaeological site or facing the wrath of Tiamat in the 'Tiamat Night' variation, these maps offer a range of thrilling encounters within the lair of the ancient hydra

The Ancient Hydra Lair map pack contains 16 files.

Map size 50 × 50
Setting Cave Interior
Variations Archaeological Dig, Archaeological Dig Hydra, Astral, Azure portal, Dark Ice, Desert Lair, Gold Glow, Hydra, Ice, Maw, Missing Carriage, Missing Herd, Original, Tangled Hydra, Tiamat Day, Tiamat Night
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