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Ancient Battlefield Map

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This map is a perfect mystery or piece of history for your world. What happened here? Who once sat on this ancient throne? What manner of creature did these bones once belong to? The dilapidated stone foundations, weathered statues, and growing moss give this map the sense of time long past. Use the campfire or goblin camp variant to add life. Or transfer your players into hell or the fae planes if they choose to sit on the throne. The weight of time hangs heavy over this ancient battlefield. Use the 16 variations give your world the depth it deserves.

The Ancient Battlefield map pack contains 16 files.

Map size 25 × 45
Setting Ruins Exterior
Variations Original Day, Original Night, Bloody Day, Camp Day, Camp Night, Fey Day, Goblin Camp Day, Goblin Camp Night, Hell Day, Magic Symbol Day, Magic Symbol Night, Poppy Day, Rain Day, Spring Day, Swampy Day, Winter Day
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