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A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Alien Mothership

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Venture into the heart of a colossal alien mothership, where every room tells a different enigmatic tale. This chamber may be of great significance within the sprawling vessel, or perhaps, it's an eerie lair hidden deep underground. It could be the otherworldly engine room, a breeding ground for mysterious creatures, or maybe it's been overrun, serving as the nesting ground for intruding species. Explore 16 intriguing variations of this alien realm, from the enigmatic Alcedo to the original and its nest-like counterpart.

The Alien Mothership map pack contains 16 variations.

Map size 31 × 50
Theme/Type Alien/Mothership
Variations Alcedo, Alien, Ancient World, Boreal, Covenant, Dunes, Galbula, Korriban, Massacre, Massacre Inactive, Massacre Nest, Massacre Nest Inactive, Original, Original Inactive, Original Nest, Romulus
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