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Alien Canyon Burrows

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The Alien Canyon Burrows map pack invites you to a rocky canyon on an alien planet, offering opportunities for stealth and intriguing combat scenarios. Navigating through restrictive passageways and varied heights, this sci-fi staple provides a dynamic setting for your adventures. As your party delves into the depths of the alien canyon, they might uncover an ancient alien artifact hidden within the labyrinth, or they could face off against a hidden colony of extraterrestrial creatures protecting a long-lost secret. With variations designed to seamlessly blend with other alien maps like the Sulphur Planet, this map pack ensures continuity in your planetary explorations.

The Alien Canyon Burrows map pack contains 22 files

Map size 30x49
Theme/Type Alien/Planet
Variations Bioluminescent, Canyon Day, Canyon Night, Dark Lair, Flood Day, Flood Night, Fog, Iridescent, Massacre, No Cave Day, No Cave Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Ruby, Strata, Sulphur Day, Sulphur Night, Tar Pit, Toxic, Winter Day, Winter Night
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