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Alchemy Dungeon Map

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This map pack invites you into the alchemical world of mystical wonders and perilous exploration. Within its shadowy confines, you'll discover a workshop brimming with eerie potions, toxic secrets, and intricate runes. Beware the machinery that hums with mysterious purpose, and tread carefully through the rooms where alchemical experiments of both light and darkness have unfolded. Venture into the variations like 'Trapped Fey,' where enigmatic creatures may hold the keys to ancient enchantments, or 'Working Late,' where the alchemist's work is far from finished, and perhaps fraught with danger.

The Alchemy Dungeon map pack contains 14 files.

Map size 45 × 73
Setting Cave Interior
Variations Abandoned, Activated, Blue, Curse Seeker, Dark, Massacre, Night, No Symbols, Original, Portal, Purple, Trapped Fey, Watched, Working Late
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