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Airships! Pt. 2 Map

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Embark on more high-flying adventures with the Airships! Pt. 2 map pack. These vehicles are perfect for soaring through the skies, meeting traveling guild members, embarking on daring rescues, and exploring the boundless wonders of the aerial realm. Delve into the intricate details of each airship variation, from the Drakefin Fishing Vessel to the Duodrome Cat Wizard Guild, and the Lionfin Greasy Spoon to the MetalPaddle Elemental. Encounter unique characters and scenarios across these skyborne adventures, and let your imagination take flight.

The Airships! Pt. 2 map pack contains 22 files.

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Setting Vehicle Exterior
Variations Drakefin Fishing Vessel, Drakefin Original, Drakefin Pirate Shark Crew, Drakefin Sky Catch, Duodrome Bookshop, Duodrome Cat Wizard Guild, Duodrome Gunsmith, Duodrome Original, Lionfin Greasy Spoon, Lionfin Original, Lionfin UdonBar, MetalAngel Beast Rescue, MetalAngel Bo's Bar, MetalAngel Cargo, MetalAngel Original, MetalAngel Workshop, MetalPaddle Elemental, MetalPaddle Floating Market, MetalPaddle Original, MetalPaddle Weedle’s Shopkeep, Quadrome Fortune Teller, Quadrome Original
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