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Airships! Map

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Embark on a thrilling airborne adventures with the Airships! map pack. These meticulously crafted ships are perfect for Spelljammer or Steampunk worlds. Each map immerses you within the intricate interiors of these fantastic vessels, from the elemental-powered decks glowing with magic to the depths of the airship hulls filled with humming machinery. Explore a myriad of settings, including pirate-infested decks, guild hall camaraderie, stormy skies, mysterious fog-shrouded adventures, and the enchanting world of Spelljammer airships. Day, night, rain, and more variations await, promising unique challenges and secrets with each atmospheric shift.

The Airships! map pack contains 30 files.

Map size 36 × 48
Setting Vehicle Interior
Variations Elemental Airship Deck Transparent BG, Elemental Airship Hull Transparent BG, Original Deck Transparent BG, Original Hull Transparent BG, Pirate Deck Transparent BG, Elemental Engine Blue Fire Deck Night, Elemental Engine Deck Day, Elemental Engine Deck Night, Elemental Engine Hull Day, Elemental Engine Hull Night, Original Deck Day, Original Hull Day, Original Deck Night, Original Hull Night, Original Deck Storm, Original Hull Storm, Original Deck Rain, Original Hull Rain, Original Fog Deck, Original Fog Hull, Fog Beasts Deck, Fog Beasts Hull, Guild Hall Deck Day, Guild Hall Hull Day, Transport Deck, Transport Hull, Pirate Deck Day, Pirate Deck Night, Spelljammer Deck, Spelljammer Hull
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