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Ages of the Vale Pt. 2 Map

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Embark on a journey through time with this map pack. A tremendous undertaking that shows how time and circumstance can change a single building, this map pack is perfect for giving depth to your campaign. The maps feature a rural interior with buildings from different eras surrounded by lush trees, a tranquil spot, and a path. With variations like Apple Press Indoors, Barn Indoors, or Tavern Indoors, your players can explore various historical settings. Will they enjoy the cider from the Apple Press or face social challenges within the tavern? It can be a sunny day in the orchard, or a chilly winter night. This map is perfect for blending time shenanigans and adventure. Or showing players a glimpse into the past.

The Ages of the Vale Pt. 2 map pack contains 64 files.

Map size 27 × 39
Setting Rural Interior
Variations Inn Indoors Dragon Festival Day, Inn Indoors Dragon Festival Night, Inn Indoors Dryad Sighting, Inn Indoors Fog, Inn Indoors Gallows, Inn Indoors Hexed Well, Inn Indoors Original Day, Inn Indoors Original Night, Inn Indoors Spider Infestation, Inn Indoors Undead Rising, Inn Roof Dragon Festival Day, Inn Roof Dragon Festival Night, Inn Roof DryadSighting, Inn Roof Fog, Inn Roof Gallows, Inn Roof HexedWell, Inn Roof Original Day, Inn Roof Original Night, Inn Roof Spider Infestation, Inn Roof Undead Rising, Inn Upstairs Dragon Festival Day, Inn Upstairs Dragon Festival Night, Inn Upstairs Dryad Sighting, Inn Upstairs Fog, Inn Upstairs Gallows, Inn Upstairs Hexed Well, Inn Upstairs Original Day, Inn Upstairs Original Night, Inn Upstairs Spider Infestation, Inn Upstairs Undead Rising, Public House Basement Famine, Public House Basement Plague, Public House Cellar Original, Public House Indoors Cellar Construction Day, Public House Indoors Cellar Construction Night, Public House Indoors Famine, Public House Indoors Mayflower Festival, Public House Indoors Original Day, Public House Indoors Original Night, Public House Indoors Peasant Revolt, Public House Indoors Plague, Public House Indoors Storm, Public House Indoors TaxHike Day, Public House Indoors TimeTear, Public House Roof Cellar Construction Day, Public House Roof Cellar Construction Night, Public House Roof Famine, Public House Roof Mayflower Festival, Public House Roof Original Day, Public House Roof Original Night, Public House Roof Peasant Revolt, Public House Roof Plague, Public House Roof Storm, Public House Roof Tax Hike Day, Public House Upstairs Cellar Construction Day, Public House Upstairs Cellar Construction Night, Public House Upstairs Famine, Public House Upstairs Mayflower Festival, Public House Upstairs Original Day, Public House Upstairs Original Night, Public House Upstairs Peasant Revolt, Public House Upstairs Plague, Public House Upstairs Storm, Public House Upstairs TaxHike Day
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