A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Adventurer's Guildhall Map

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This extensive battlemap includes training grounds for your fighters and rangers, a chapel for your cleric, and a library for wizards. The guildhall is equipped with a blacksmiths, stables, high walls, and even dorms for your retainers. Use this as a hub for your party or something to aspire to. Have them take up arms to defend their home from spiders, zombies, or orcs. Rain and Snow variants allow you to show the progression of the seasons. The details added to the bedrooms, gardens, and various outbuildings gives this the Guildhall a lived-in feeling perfect for your campaign.

The Adventurer's Guildhall map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 33 × 24
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Haunted Night, High Light Night, Medium Light Night, Min Light Night, Mushroom Day, No Light Night, Orc Invasion Burn Night, Orc Invasion No Burn Night, Orc Invasion Day, Original Day, Poisoned River Day, Poisoned River Night, Rain Day, Snow Day, Snow Night, Spider Day, Zombie Day, Zombie Night
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