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Abandoned Mine Entrance Map - 62f2c6b12af53c5d68e6dfe181fa3b62

Abandoned Mine Entrance Map

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Abandoned mines are a staple in RPG settings. Who worked this mine? Why is it abandoned? What lurks in the caves, waiting for your players? With numerous entrances, watchtowers, and a thick gate, players will need to be strategic to gain access to the mines. Use the goblin, escaped dragon, or hellfire variants to add even more danger to this beautifully drawn battlemap.

The Abandoned Mine Entrance map pack contains 12 files.

Map size 33 × 21
Setting Mountain Exterior
Variations Crystal, Day, Desert Day, Dragon Day, Escaped Dragon Night, Firey Entrance Desert Night, Goblin Day, Goblin Night, Hellgate Desert Night, Night, Spider Web Day, Spider Web Night
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