A collage of several Czepeku maps

We have a vast and growing collection of battlemaps for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and other RPGs.
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A collection of maps

Thousands of Diverse Scenarios!

No matter which way your players decide to wander we have just the map for you!

Maps being used in Foundry VTT

Pre-Made VTT Modules!

All our maps come with modules for both Foundry VTT and EncounterPlus. We handle all the walls and lighting setup so you don’t have to. Pick a map and jump into the battle!

Maps laid out with lines connecting themMaps laid out with lines connecting them

Build Whole Campaigns!

With a catalogue of over 3000 maps, we have everything you need to play the game of your dreams.

Animated Battlemaps

For your special, campaign defining moments we have dynamic animated battlemaps! Face off against your BBEG in style with swirling portals and writhing elder brain tentacles.

Maps layered on top of each other showing several multi-level dungeons

Unique Dungeons

Push your players to the limits but without the hassle of prep. All our dungeons are fully mapped over multiple floors!

One map with several variations, including ocean, desert, tundra, and volcano

Variations for Every Campaign!

Whether you’re exploring a shipwreck, fighting in the desert, traveling across the tundra, or even floating through the astral sea, we’ve got something for your games.

Improve your games instantly!

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