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Tutelary Turtle Island Map

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On the back of a giant turtle is a serene oasis where a mystical shrine moves amid crystal-clear waters. Boats are dragged along in the water. This map pack offers variants, each portraying different facets of this island paradise. Have your players been rescued from a shipwreck? Have they searched for, and finally found this traveling shrine and the wisdom it holds? Atmospheric variations like "Sunset" and "Rainbow" set the stage for aquatic adventures, mystical encounters with fey creatures, and the timeless tranquility of this sacred retreat.

The Tutelary Turtle Island map pack contains 22 files.

Map size 29 × 46
Setting Other Exterior
Variations Astral, Autumn, Beach, Bioluminescent, Fog, Injured, Night Fey, Night Fish, No Boats, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Rainbow, Shell Day, Shell Night, Skeleton Blood, Skeleton Dark, Skeleton Day, Sky, Snow, Spring, Sunrise
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