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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Telephus - a8eb38cc5af83e57c007e34a31775f78


Product Information



Introducing the Telephus Custodian Fighter, the latest addition to our fleet of starships. Designed to safeguard the prestigious Heracles Luxury Cruise Liner during its voyages, the Telephus ensures the safety of its valuable passengers against any potential threats lurking in the vastness of space. Whether it's patrolling the outer perimeter or conducting surveillance within the ship's corridors, the Telephus stands vigilant, ready to respond to any emergency. Choose from a variety of exterior and interior variations to customize your ship to fit your narrative needs.

The Telephus map pack contains 37 files

Map size 25 x 39
Theme/Type Military/Fighter
Variations Alert Exterior, Alert Level01 Interior, Alert Level02 Interior, Breached Massacre Level01 Interior, Breached Massacre Level02 Interior, Breached Stage01 Exterior, Breached Stage01 Level01 Interior, Breached Stage01 Level02 Interior, Breached Stage02 Exterior, Breached Stage02 Level01 Interior, Breached Stage02 Level02 Interior, Bronze Exterior, Bronze Level01 Interior, Bronze Level02 Interior, Jade Exterior, Jade Level01 Interior, Jade Level02 Interior, Massacre Level01 Interior, Massacre Level02 Interior, Night Exterior, Night Level01 Interior, Night Level02 Interior, No Power Exterior, No Power Level01 Interior, No Power Level02 Interior, Onyx Exterior, Onyx Level01 Interior, Onyx Level02 Interior, Original Exterior, Original Level01 Interior, Original Level02 Interior, Silver Exterior, Silver Level01 Interior, Silver Level02 Interior, Whoops Exterior, Whoops Level01 Interior, Whoops Level02 Interior
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