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Open Ocean Map

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No ocean adventure is complete without this wondrous and varied map pack. With diverse islands, treacherous seas, and hidden portals, you'll have plenty of options for a far-flung adventure. Brave the dangers of the open sea, from bloodthirsty Krakens to sunken cities. Dive into the mysteries of Atlantis or survive a harrowing encounter with a bloated whale. Perhaps you're embarking on an oceanic journey to unravel the secrets of the portals, leading to undiscovered realms and ancient powers that threaten the world's balance. Or perhaps some pirates are meeting you at one of the white-sand islands.

The Open Ocean map pack contains 84 files.

Map size 50 × 50
Setting Nautical Exterior
Variations Ancient Power, Angler Fish Fog, Angler Fish Day, Angler Fish Night, Atlantis, Atoll Boat Day, Atoll Ship wreck, Atoll Day, Atoll Night, Avanc, Big Outpost Bloody Day, Big Outpost Cannon Bloody Day, Big Outpost Cannons Spikes Day, Big Outpost Cannons Day, Big Outpost No Light Night, Big Outpost No Spikes Day, Big Outpost Day, Big Outpost Night, Bloated Whale Day, Blood Sea, Blood Vortex, Corrupting Point, Deep Blue Hole, Desert Island, Desert Island10, Desert Island2, Desert Island3, Desert Island4, Desert Island5, Desert Island6, Desert Island7, Desert Island8, Desert Island9, Eye Of The Ocean, Fortified, Hidden Throne, Icebergs 2 Day, Icebergs 3 Day, Icebergs Day, Kraken Electric Day, Kraken Electric Night, Kraken Green Day, Kraken Day, Kraken Night, Krakenstorm, KuaToa Idol Day, KuoToa Night, Last Gamble, Lightning Generator, Lookout Towers Day, Lookout Towers Night, Maelstrom, Mermaid Rocks Day, Mermaid Rocks Night, Oil Spill, Open Sea Day, Open Sea Night, Polar Open Sea Day, Portal, Portal Night, Rain, Roc Nest Island Eggs Day, Roc Nest Island Day, Rock Maelstrom, Rocks Boat Day, Rocks Stranded Day, Rocks Stranded Night, Rocks Day, Rocks Night, Sardine Run Day, Sea Wall, Shark Attack, Ship Carriage Angler Fish Day, Ship Carriage Angler Fish Night, Ship Carriage Day, Ship Maelstrom, Shipwreck, Sunken City, Sunken Ship, Sunken Ship Night, The Scar, Volcanic Island Day, Volcanic Island Night, WorldsEnd
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