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Mountain Logging Camp Map

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Deepen your world building with this intrusion of people into a pristine forest. A permanent logging site nestled within a lush forest awaits your exploration. This setting, complete with a river carrying tree trunks downstream, log flumes, houses, tents, and tiered cliffs, offers exploration and opportunities for encounters. Deep within the woods, your players might cross paths with the enigmatic Sylvan Protectors, guardians of the ancient trees, who seek champions to aid in their mission of preserving the forest. Or perhaps the party is tasked with improving production at the camp. Provide exquisite moral dilemmas for your players with the introduction of forest denizens asking for help and loggers just trying to make a living. Can they navigate the fine line between industry and nature?

The Mountain Logging Camp map pack contains 23 files.

Map size 24 × 34
Setting Cliff Exterior
Variations Autumn, Blood River, Canyon, Canyon Camp, Fireflies, Forest Camp, Forest Camp No Aqueducts, Mountain Camp, Natural, Original Day, Original Night, Original Night Camp Fire, Original No Aqueduct, Rain, Ranger Camp, Rising Fog 01, Rising Fog 02, Rising Fog 03, Rising Fog 04, Spring, Too Late, Toxic River, Winter
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