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Monster Hunter Restaurant Baiting Pit Map

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This map packs features a detailed underground space with seats, cages, and a brutal fighting pit. Designed with versatility in mind, this map seamlessly integrates with the Monster Hunter Restaurant setting. However, it also stands alone, offering a dramatic arena that can be incorporated into various scenarios within your campaign. Whether part of an illicit underground fighting circuit or a centerpiece for a grand spectacle, this map adds a layer of excitement to your adventurers' journey. The line between hunter and prey becomes blurred in the dimly lit confines of the fighting pit. Delve deeper into the dark underbelly where heartless proprietors wager on monstrous creatures battling for survival—only to be later served as exotic dishes to patrons upstairs.

The Monster Hunter Restaurant Baiting Pit map pack contains 26 files

Map size 29 × 59
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Dance Battle, Desert Day, Desert Night, Ebony Day, Ebony Night, Empty Day, Empty Night, Flooded, Haunted, Ice Battle, Lava, Massacre, No Cage Tops Day, No Cage Tops Night, No Monsters Day, No Monsters Night, Opulent Day, Opulent Night, Original Day, Original Night, Slime Level 1, Slime Level 2, Slime Level 3, Slime Level 4, Spot Light, Vampire
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