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Mech Hive

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Czepeku have created another amazing sci-fi lair for your party to explore - the Mech Hive. Ideal for a mech boss encounter, this map offers open areas linked by narrow walkways, providing potential peril and excitement. Whether your party is discovering mysterious orbs or facing off against mechanized adversaries, the Mech Hive offers a dynamic and visually striking environment for your campaign. Perhaps the orbs hidden within the hive hold the key to a powerful weapon, or the party may stumble upon a secret facility producing an army of mechs for nefarious purposes.

The Mech Hive map pack contains 28 files

Map size 23 × 41
Theme/Type Lair/Base
Variations Alert, Bio Pools, Cryo Storage, Emergency Lights, Empty Day, Empty Night, Goblin, Hive Storage, Iridescent, Massacre, No Orbs, No Platforms Day, No Platforms Night, No Power, Original Day, Original Night, Rot, Sapphire, Sky Hive Day, Sky Hive Night, Supplement - Orb 1, Supplement - Orb 2, Supplement - Orb 3, Supplement - Orb 4, Supplement - Orb 5, Supplement - Orb 6, Supplement - Orb 7, Void
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