A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Listening Post

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Prepare your recon kits as you arrive at the hub of espionage, the Listening Post. Information flows to and from this outpost, connecting rebel satellite sites across the planet. Can your party persuade or bargain their way into obtaining crucial intel for their mission? Is the lone operator a member of the resistance? A friend to the party? Or an unwitting pawn in some unknown plot? Use the variations to bring your players to beautifully diverse planets with all sorts of dangers.

The Listening Post map pack contains 20 files

Map size 30 x 46
Theme/Type Civilian/Research/Planet/Base/Military
Variations Clean Day, Clean Night, Dark, Desert Day, Desert Night, Fog, Iridescent, Lava, Natural Day, Natural Night, No Wires, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Rainbow, Sea Of Blood, Space, Toxic, Winter Day, Winter Night
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