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Asteroid Mining Corp Train

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Czepeku have created another beautiful, modular map pack to use throughout your adventure. Asteroid mining is a staple of sci-fi adventures and resource management, and there's no better way to bring a campaign alive than with this modular train map pack. They've provided various carriages, each with multiple layout options to cater to your storytelling needs. From the mighty Engine Car to the industrious Mining Car and the futuristic Passenger Car, explore the possibilities of this interstellar train adventure. Whether your party engages in high-stakes heists or confronts BBEGs, the Asteroid Mining Corp Train promises an exciting ride..

The Asteroid Mining Corp Train map pack contains 88 variations.

Map size 5 × 13
Theme/Type Civilian/Transport
Variations Dark Drone Car 01, Dark Drone Car 02, Dark Drone Car 03, Dark Drone Car 04, Dark Drone Car Empty, Dark Engine Car Exterior, Dark Engine Car Interior, Dark Freight Car 01, Dark Freight Car 03, Dark Freight Car 04, Dark Freight Car 05, Dark Freight Car 06, Dark Freight Car Empty, Dark Freight Car Exterior, Dark Mining Car 01, Dark Mining Car 02, Dark Mining Car 03, Dark Mining Car 04, Dark Mining Car 05, Dark Passenger Car 01, Dark Passenger Car 02, Dark Passenger Car 03, Dark Passenger Car Empty, Dark Power Room 01, Dark Power Room 02, Dark Power Room 03, Dark Power Room Empty, Destroyed Drone Car, Destroyed Engine Car, Destroyed Freight Car, Destroyed Mining Car, Destroyed Passenger Car, Destroyed Power Room, Massacre Drone Car 01, Massacre Drone Car 02, Massacre Drone Car 03, Massacre Drone Car Empty, Massacre Engine Car Exterior, Massacre Engine Car Interior, Massacre Freight Car 01, Massacre Freight Car 02, Massacre Freight Car 03, Massacre Freight Car 04, Massacre Freight Car 05, Massacre Freight Car Empty, Massacre Freight Car Exterior, Massacre Mining Car 01, Massacre Mining Car 02, Massacre Mining Car 03, Massacre Mining Car 04, Massacre Mining Car 05, Massacre Passenger Car 01, Massacre Passenger Car 02, Massacre Passenger Car 03, Massacre Passenger Car Empty, Massacre Power Room 01, Massacre Power Room 02, Massacre Power Room 03, Massacre Power Room Empty, Original Drone Car 01, Original Drone Car 02, Original Drone Car 03, Original Drone Car 04, Original Drone Car Empty, Original Engine Car Interior Empty, Original Engine Exterior, Original Engine Interior, Original Exterior, Original Freight Car 01, Original Freight Car 02, Original Freight Car 03, Original Freight Car 04, Original Freight Car 05, Original Freight Car Empty, Original Mining Car 01, Original Mining Car 02, Original Mining Car 03, Original Mining Car 04, Original Mining Car 05, Original Passenger Car 01, Original Passenger Car 02, Original Passenger Car 03, Original Passenger Car 04, Original Passenger Car Empty, Original Power Room 01, Original Power Room 02, Original Power Room 03, Original Power Room Empty
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